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Xplosive Vital – 100% Risk Free Trial Male Enhancement Formula!!

Xplosive Vital Review – Stamina and technique are just not enough to keep your lady satisfied and sexual relationship alive – rather it’s about the girth, length and hardness that every women prefer. For men, it becomes an ultimate goal to achieve sexual goal with full-fledged size and potential.

Wow…She wants it…You want it. If desire is the same, then what is the late for…? Start using Xplosive Vital and it will make your dream come true. This is a potential male support formula that is made to provide additional strength to deliver high orgasms as well as enjoy bigger erections.

Here is an article that I have written based on my personal experience and online research. Continue reading…

Xplosive Vital Male Ehancement

What is Xplosive Vital?

Loaded with all premium quality compounds, this is a pharmaceutical-grade masculine support system that helps men with potency enhancement benefits and supports entire sexual system to work in order. Erectile dysfunctions, poor performance, low sex drives, diseased libido and all other problems that prohibit you from enjoying a healthy sex life are cured with the regular consumptions of these dietary pills.

Eventually, your sexual problems get curated and you get to enjoy the most explosive and the best sex ever – with your power, pleasure and performance increased! The solution uses the blend of nutrients with pro-virility benefits; which revitalize your libido and provides you ultimate sexual powers to let you take your partner and explore the ultimate sex at different places that was never known to her before.

Science behind the Formula

The blood circulation to and from the penis is the main culprit for erections in men and hence performance. Xplosive Vital helps by producing the new blood cells and increasing it mobility in both penile chambers that eventually results in increasing the width and length of these chambers, while allowing them to detain more blood. The increased capacity and circulation is the reason behind longer penis size and also bigger and harder erections!

Xplosive Vital  Ingredients’ Names

Xplosive Vital is an all-natural dietary supplement that works to boost masculine function in men. Some of its basic ingredients conclude: L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Asian Red Ginseng Root Extract, Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto and many more…

In Detail

Xplosive Vital is a potential male support system that contains pure organic compounds that basically includes some of the well-known herb and root extracts and ancient aphrodisiacs. How some of the prime ingredients of this formula work to make your libido health sound,fine out below:

  • There are two penile chambers within the penis that L-Arginine Hydrochloride works towards increasing the blood flowin themand make the erections harder, thicker and bigger. In addition, it helps get frequent erections that lead to an increased size of this sexual tool.
  • Whereas, Asian Red Ginseng Root Extract improves your mental well-being to help you with the psychological edge in your sexual performance. For that, it reduces stress,improves moods and promotes relaxation.
  • While at the same time, Horny Goat Weed makes your intercourse more pleasurable by enhancing the level of sexual stamina and uplifting your sustaining power, while enabling you to deliver satisfying orgasms without much exhaustion.
  • Meanwhile, Saw Palmetto aids to the libido health and makes it sound with increased sex drives, passion and desires, while boosting your sexual confidence as well as performances.

Xplosive Vital ingredients

How does Xplosive Vital Work?

The time you begin taking Xplosive Vital Male Enhancement pills, it gets dissolved easily in the blood and start working immediately. To help you make understand its working, I can divide its working in weeks and describe in fragments. Find out below:

  • Week 1-2: Although it starts giving you strength and increasing potency within 1-2 dosage, though you can feel noticeable increase in your sexual stamina, energy and drives after 2 weeks of its regular use. Moreover, the duration and quality of your erections will leave you in surprise.
  • Week 3-4: By this time, you are going to notice a remarkable increase in your orgasm control as well as sustaining power. Also, the frequent erections will surprise your partner and it may add inches to your penis size.
  • Week 5+: Now your body is ready to be sexually virile almost all the time, and you are going to feel your best at the peak. Alongside, your partner is continuously enjoying the steamy and spicy sex with you, while enjoying satisfying orgasms during every sexual encounter.

Better than Others

While the sex market is saturated with different supplements and surgical methods to increase the erectile activity, you must be thinking what makes Xplosive Vital Testosterone Booster better than others…! Well, guys, the surgical methods that claim to increase your manliness are quite dangerous and may make you impotent forever.

Whereas, the other dietary products use synthetically found compounds, plus they include chemicals; which makes them ineffective and a risk on your overall well-being. While at the same time, this male enhancement formula uses all natural ingredients that are grown organically and not at all synthetic ones; which makes it a safe to consume and effective in leaving results.

Doctors’ Recommended

It is a well-known fact, that the doctors worldwide prefer Xplosive Vital over others, when it comes to prescribe their patients. You can come to this fact by seeing all mediums of media that includes TV, Newspapers, Internet and Magazine.

Everywhere doctors have been seen recommending this potency booster formula over others; which makes it a trustworthy product. Moreover, you can encounter the official site flooded with real people sharing their positive experiences. Here are some…

Testimonials Speak…

Mike is a man already tried 8 products before, now after taking Xplosive Vital pills he says, “No product could ever enable me to hold my coming soon problem, except this. Now I am regaining my confidence with women to go hard and strong for night long”.

Ryan is a satisfied user, but there was a time when he used to be frustrated with his poor sexual performance, now he says, “I though this is another magical pill that won’t work, but within a few dosage, when I found myself delivering mind blowing sex. Now I am enjoying some of the amazing sex in my bedroom”.

These are just a few, rather there are many including me. Just go online and visit them all…


Basically dosage depends on the seriousness of the problem, and hence it may be differ with each individual. However, I was suggested to take 2 capsules daily with a glass of water. But I would suggest you to either follow the directions given on the product label or, consult a doctor and use it as directed.


With the regular intakes of Xplosive Vital pills, you are required to workout daily, if possible. In addition, healthy eating habit will help the formula sped up its working.

In addition, hydrate your body properly with lots of water intakes and always think positive. And, of course, do not forget to take your dosage.


As accordance with the regularity of dosage and regimen, Xplosive Vital delivers respective results. Therefore, it hardly is similar to each other. Well, I mean, results may vary from person to person and hence, it is better to pay heed on your dosage and regimen than to compare with others.

Pros and Cons of Xplosive Vital Male Enhancement 

Using a male enhancement supplement can be a need of a man, but before that one must be aware of all aspects of the product. Keeping this fact in loop, I have gathered all possible pros and cons altogether in this section. Check out below:


  • 100% Natural dietary supplement
  • Does not contain any artificial compounds like: chemicals, fillers, binders etc.
  • Contains pure herbal aphrodisiacs, herbs and roots
  • Clinically tested for purity and safety
  • Proven on volunteers for effectiveness
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Not FDA evaluated
  • Not for Under 18 minors or women

Is Male Enhancement Supplement Safe?

As per my experience as well as the functionality of this formula, it works safe and effective on the body of its users and never leaves any unwanted side effects at all. Besides, you can have a word with your doctor, if you still have any doubts.

My Take

I myself have used this formula for a long time and availed amazing results and hence, I do not feel it is bad to take a male enhancement formula, if your body is declining in showing its potential in sexual terms due to any reason. Especially, when there is a safe and effective product like, Xplosive Vital, every men should go for it and climb for the higher satisfaction level in the bedroom.

Where to Buy Xplosive Vital?

Xplosive Vital can easily be found through the link provided in the form of a banner at the end of this page. Click there and reach out the official website of this potential male boosting solution. Also, do not forget to claim your free trial bottle. You can try now!! Xplosive Vital Testosterone Booster Buy